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POWER Challenge Week 1

The POWER Challenge is a month long competition between the residence halls on campus to see who is the greenest. The scores are compiled weekly, and at the end of the month a winner will be announced!

When calculating usage points, the hall that reduces the most amount of energy from the previous week gets 120 points, second place gets 110, and so on. The same goes for water calculations. For recycling, the hall that increases in recycling will receive 120 points, 2nd place gets 110 points, and so on. There are also opportunities for the residence halls to get points by having environmentally themed events, bike rides, educational bulletin boards, and more!

This first week there was a sponsored event put on by EcoVols, an environmental student group on campus. They showed “Before The Flood” in Hodges Library with a great turnout!

Stokely Residence Hall gained participation points and promoted sustainability with this fun bulletin board (pictured), good job guys!

In the future we will keep hearing from our residence halls about their events, and continue to update the scores weekly.

In the next coming weeks look out for our upcoming events, listed below, which promote sustainability in a variety of ways, additionally all residents who attend will receive points for their hall.

As a reminder, you can always follow us along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with the POWER Challenge!