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Volunteer Information for Game Days

Sign up to volunteer for Game Day Recycling HERE

Before you arrive:

Bring a water bottle! Volunteers will be doing a lot of walking! We will have a cooler in order to refill your reusable bottles throughout your service if needed. Try to leave other personal items, especially backpacks because they are problematic around the stadium for security purposes.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes! Please make sure to wear closed toe shoes to protect your feet. Shifts last for about four hours so dress comfortably for whatever the current forecast is.

Be sun safe and prepared for all weather! Remember to wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Make sure to hydrate before the game, it often gets hot! Come prepared for cold weather too later in the season.

Getting to the recycling warehouse

All volunteers will meet and leave from the Recycling Warehouse that is on campus. The address is 2121 Stephenson Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996. You will park between docks 27-29 at the very end of warehouse, pictured below. Please try and carpool as much as possible because parking will be limited.

Traffic is extremely heavy on game days so factor that in when traveling. Luckily, by meeting at the recycling warehouse we are able to avoid a lot of game day traffic.

Starting your shift

After parking at the recycling warehouse, volunteers will come inside and receive the following items to help with their service:

  • A green Waste Warrior t-shirt so we are easily identifiable in the crowds.
  • FOOD! A sandwich and cookie or something similar to keep you going during your shift.
  • Staff and emergency contact information

What you’ll be doing (1 hour before kick-off to 3 hours after kick-off):

  • Participate as a group and walk around the outside of the stadium collecting trash and recyclables.
  • Pulling bags from recycling containers at the stadium gates and putting the bags into rolling bins to empty into the recycling truck.
  • Gather recycling containers around campus and empty them into the recycling truck or take bags and containers to warehouse.
  • Stack bins and put them on the truck to take to warehouse.
  • Rinse out recycling bins, stack them, and put them in warehouse for use the next game.
  • More information can be found on this page.

General Tips

Take pictures of you and the person you are paired with while volunteering! Make sure to tag @utksustainability on instagram.

As a volunteer, you will be representing The University of Tennessee to our community- please display Volunteer Excellence at all times! Consuming alcohol while volunteering is prohibited; volunteers who break this rule will immediately be asked to turn in their supplies and t-shirts and will not receive their credit hours (if applicable). For safety reasons it is best to not accept anything from tailgaters. Please refrain from taking anything left on tables or tailgating areas.

Safety Tips

  • Use the buddy system- pair up with another volunteer and stick with them.
  • Make sure you have a cell phone; staff and emergency contact information will be provided. Because of the noise volume, it is helpful to text staff members with questions!
  • Feel free to take a break! Hydrate frequently and rest as needed.
  • Remember, tailgating involves alcohol for many fans. Should you encounter situations that make you uncomfortable, leave the area immediately! Your safety is our primary concern.
  • Police are situated throughout campus and around the stadium. Should you need assistance, please call 9-1-1 or ask them directly for help. Please report any suspicious activity or safety issues to the emergency number at 865-974-1205.

Ending your shift

Volunteers will work in a large group or split into smaller groups with a staff member. Each group will make their way collectively back to the warehouse to leave no later than 3 hours after kick-off to avoid the end-of-game traffic congestion.