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Dumpster Schedule

UT Recycling offers recycling pickup services at all buildings on campus.

Find the letter that corresponds with the first letter of your building’s name, then select it to open the drop down menu.

Autoclaved Medical Waste – Every two weeks

Apt. Residence Hall – T

Allan Jones Aquatic Ctr – M

Art and Architecture – M/T/W/F

Austin Peay – M/T/W/Th/F

Auxiliary Services – W

Alumni Memorial Building – M/Th

Apartment Residence Hall – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su

Andy Holt Tower – M/W/F

Biosystems Engineering – M/Th

Black Cultural Center – Cancelled

Buehler/Dabney Hall – M/W/F

Business Incubator – Th

Boathouse – F

Clarence Brown Theatre – T/Th

Claxton/Bailey Complex – T/Th

Clement Hall – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su

Communications – C – M/T/W/Th/F

Carrick – Th

Cherokee Farm Animal Clinic  – On Call Only

Ceramics Annex – Th

Conference Center Building – M/Th

Dougherty Engineering – M/W/F

Dunford Hall – M/W/F

Estabrook Hall – M/F

Ellington Plant Sciences – Cancelled

ETREC Organic Crops Unit – W

ETREC Little River Dairy – T

Fred Brown –  – On Call Only

Fraternity Park-A1 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-A2 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-B1  – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park B2  – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-C1 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-C2 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-D1 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fraternity Park-D2 – Su/ T/ Th/Sa

Fab Lab – T

Fraternity Park-K Phi Sigma Kapp – Cancelled

Football Complex – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su

Facilities Services – M/Th

Greve – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa

Gibbs Hall – Cancelled

Golf Facility (Athletic Department) – Th

Glazer Building – T

G-7 Parking Garage @ Recycling ctr – Cancelled


Humes Hall- E – M/W/F/Sa

Humes Hall-W – M/W/F/Sa

Holston Farm – M

Hess Hall – W

Hodges Library – M/T/W/Th/F/Su

Hoskins Library – T

International House – M/Th

Jessie Harris Building – M/W/F


Kappa Sigma Fraternity – Th

Kingston Pike Bldg. (Metron)-North – T/F

Kingston Pike Bldg. East – T/Th

Kappa Alpha Fraternity – W

Law College – M/W/F

LAF Cherokee Building A – M/F

LAF Vet School – M/Th

Lindsey Nelson Baseball Stadium – M

Laurel Residence Hall – F

Lindsey Nelson Baseball Stadium – On Call Only

McClung Tower/Humanities – M/T/W/F

Massey – M/T/W/Th/F/Sa

McClung Museum -T

McCord Hall – M/Th

Morgan Hall -T

Morrill Hall Dock – Cancelled

Morrill Hall – M/T/W/Th/F

Middlebrook Bldg – M

Neilsen Physics – M/Th

Neyland Gate 7 – On Call Only

Perkins Hall – T/Th

Printing & Publications – Su

Plant Biotech – M/W/F

Panhellenic – M

Plant Science Farm – W

Pasqua/Tickle – F

Presidential Court – F

Rec Sports Intramural Field -M ( Once every two weeks )

Racheff Greenhouse – F

Reese Hall-E – M/W/F/Sa

Reese Hall-W – M/W/F/Sa

Radiological Safety – On Call Only

South Greenhouse – T

Solar House – W

Steam Plant – Th

South College – M/W/F


Student Aquatic Center – W

Soccer and Softball Stadium – M

Student Health Clinic – M/W/F

Sorority A: DZ/KKG – M/W/F

Sorority B: PBP/ADP – M/W/F

Sorority C: SK/KD – M/W/F

Sorority F: DDD/CO – M/W/F

Sorority E: ZTA/PM – M/W/F

Sorority G: – M/W/F

Sorority D: AOP – M/W/F

Steam Plant Hill – On Call Only

Steam Plant Hill-ASBESTOS – On Call Only

Steam Plant Hill- Scrap metal – On Call Only

Steam Plant Hill- Wire Recycle – On Call Only

Steam Plant Fly Ash – Check daily – pull as needed

Steam Plant Bottom Ash – Check daily – pull as needed

Surplus – On Call Only


Transportation Services – F

TANDEC Bldg.- Cancelled

T-B Assembly Ctr & Arena – F

University Center – Th

UTVMC Main – Th

Volunteer Hall  – On Call Only

Volunteer Condos – Th

Welcome Center – M/Th

Walters Life Sciences – F