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Sustainability Symposium

The Sustainability Symposium will display and celebrate work relating to the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability. Any student may participate in this event by submitting their project or art piece and sharing how it relates to sustainability.

Apply to Present at the Sustainability Symposium Here!

Research Projects

Types of projects accepted into this symposium include a broad range of research or engagement projects based on any environmental, social, or economic aspect of sustainability. Examples of class projects include sustainability capstone, renewable energy, engineering, social sciences, food systems, agriculture, landscape design, biological and life sciences, and more!

Art Gallery

The virtual art gallery portion of this symposium will display the unique ways we see, understand, and interact with sustainability in our lives. The art submissions can be created from anything! It might include using recycled materials, nature, reusing and reshaping old products, or a virtual creation that speaks to your definition and vision of sustainability. Please include a title and written description of what inspired your project, how it was created, and how it relates to sustainability.

How can I get involved?

Students may submit their work following the link below. We welcome students in any major to submit their own personal or University led project or art piece. Even if you do not present a project, we would love for you to join us in person April 13th, 2023 to view all of the great sustainability work happening on campus!

If you have any questions about this event or if your project qualifies for this event, please contact the Academic Engagement Specialist at

View the Sustainability Symposium here!