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Hair: Sustainable Production at Clarence Brown Theatre

The spring production of “Hair” at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Clarence Brown Theatre, is not only entertaining audiences, but promoting environmental sustainability through its costume and set design. Set designer DJ Pike, a third-year scenic and projection design graduate candidate at UT, has incorporated recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, fabric, and plastic bottles to create a set that is both visually stunning and eco-friendly. 

From the very beginning of the show’s preparation, Pike made a commitment to a sustainable design process. Pike utilized on-campus resources such as the UT Public Recycling Drop-Off, old fabric found in storage from past shows, and reused previous shows’ scenic pieces to reduce the lumber needed for this set design. The use of recycled materials in the set design of “Hair” not only aligns with the show’s commitment to sustainability but also serves as an example of the intersection between art and environmental consciousness. The set’s intricate details and creative design elements showcase Pike’s talent as an artist and his dedication to environmental sustainability. 

The production of “Hair” at Clarence Brown Theater provides an opportunity for the audience to support a sustainable and environmentally conscious effort while experiencing an unforgettable performance.

“The show’s initiative to use recycled materials in the set design is a remarkable achievement that inspires everyone to make small changes in their daily lives and reduce waste,” said Jason Fogerty, CBT technical director. “Clarence Brown Theater is proud to have such talent and commitment to sustainability on their campus, and they look forward to more innovative and socially conscious productions in the future.” 

“Hair” runs until May 7. Tickets may be purchased at the door, online at the Clarence Brown Theatre website, or at the box office. Admission for UT students is free Tuesdays, $10 on opening nights, and $5 for all other performances. Some nights will feature a special event, such as behind-the-scenes panels after every Sunday performance.

For those interested in getting involved or learning more about sustainability and “Make Orange Green” efforts on campus, connect with UT Sustainability on social media @UTKSustainability or consider volunteering in our various initiatives, such as the UT Compost Facility, the Free Store, the Grow Lab, and Zero Waste Game Days.