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DIY Reusable Bag

Taking steps to be more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. One change you can make is using reusable bags instead of plastic bags when you shop. Heres how you can make a reusable bag out of an old or unwanted t-shirt, no sewing required!

Step 1: Lay the t-shirt out on a flat surface.

shirt before any changes are made

Step 2: Remove the sleeves and the neck of the t-shirt.

shirt after removing neck and sleeves

Step 3: Cut slits into the bottom edge of the shirt all the way across.
shirt after cutting the bottom edges
Step 4: Turn the t-shirt inside out.
shirt after being turned inside-outStep 5: Tie the strips of fabric at the bottom together to close off the bag.
shirt after tying the bottom closed
Step 6: Turn the bag right-side-out and enjoy your finished bag!
finished bag