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Examples of glass containers.

No Longer Accepting Glass

UT Recycling prides itself on the ability to accept many materials, but glass will no longer be one of them. Effective August 29th, UT’s Public Recycling Center will no longer be able to accept any glass materials.

UT’s contract for glass recycling is expiring and despite Sustainability Manager Jay Price’s continued efforts to find a solution, nothing has worked out. “We’re saddened by the inability to offer glass recycling to campus and our community,” said Price. “We’re hopeful that we can find another solution. In the meantime, we’re still able to accept lots of other recyclables, 24/7, at our UT Public Recycling Drop-Off including electronics, batteries, scrap metal, aluminum and steel cans, paper, cardboard, plastic bags/film, and plastic cups/containers/bottles.”

While glass will no longer be accepted, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to do their part on campus by reusing glass containers and reducing use of these materials accordingly. Check out this article for a list of clever ways to reuse your containers here. If you have glass you cannot reuse,  you can take it to any of the City of Knoxville’s recycling centers or dispose of it with your regular trash.