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Thanksgiving Break Shut Down

Before you leave Rocky Top for Thanksgiving Break, be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure your room is not wasting any energy while you are gone. While these steps are geared towards on-campus housing, students who live off campus can also follow them.

  • Check for any leaks and make sure all your faucets are completely off before you leave
  • Switch your thermostat to either 68 degrees, or low, depending on how the heating unit in your room looks looks
    • It is important to not turn your unit completely off, so the pipes do not burst in the colder weather
  • Unplug all electronics from the outlets, and turn off any lights
    • If you have your electronics plugged into a power-strip, remember to turn it off
    • If you have a refrigerator, be sure to empty and defrost it before you leave campus
  • Close windows and blinds
    • This will help to trap the heat in, and keep the cold out


By following these small, simple steps, together we can make campus a more sustainable place to live, learn and work! Safe travels!