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Student Organization Focuses on Ecological Restoration

The Society for Ecological Restoration is a nation-wide society that is dedicated to the preservation of our natural lands and ecosystems. More specifically, the UT Knoxville chapter hopes to promote sustainability and reintroduction of native species through invasive species removal, trash removal, and planting of native species.

All of these goals line up with the mission of not only preserving natural landscapes, but hoping to restore them to their original state.

A few weeks ago SER hosted their first creek cleanup at Third Creek right on here campus. Claire, a member of the organization explains that “we were able to remove a lot trash from the creek and the surrounding areas with just our volunteers.”

SER was provided tools to clean the creek by Garrett Ferry, the Stormwater Coordinator for campus. To learn more about Stormwater Management at UT, and to request your own supplies for a river clean up, visit the Facilities Services Stormwater web-page.

She adds that the next creak cleanup they are planning on bringing canoes to reach a greater area. These cleanups are essential to returning Third Creek to its beautiful state. With UT Knoxville student’s support, this organization can make a large ecological difference on campus!