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Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Spring time means we can finally do some of our favorite outdoor activities, such as gardening, hiking, and just enjoying the weather. However this also means it’s time for spring cleaning. Below are some tips for how to make your spring cleaning more sustainable.

  1. Donate any unwanted items. As you realize there is more and more to dust off you will probably want to get rid of a few (or a lot) of things. If it’s still in fine working condition, donate it! Here are a list of places in the Knoxville area where you can donate both furniture and clothing:
    • KARM
    • GoodWill
    • Free store (drop off at UT Recycling Public Drop Off)


  1. Get creative! If something is broken or outdated try to fix it before throwing it out. This could make for a fun project and a very satisfying reward of the before and after pictures. Check out an example below.

  1. Clean with green! Be sure to purchase the more environmentally friendly versions of the cleaner you’re buying. Want to know why these are better? Here’s why…
    • Typical cleaners have chemicals that can be extremely bad for the environment such as chlorine bleach and ammonia.
    • Eco products use citrus based solvents, vinegar and essential oils to clean


  1. Buy in bulk. Save packaging waste by purchasing things in bulk, rather than multiple individual packages.
    • Buy only what you need.
    • Take notes from year to year of what you need more of and what you bought too much of. Then the following year you can purchase effectively.


  1. If you really want to get “green to clean” make your own cleaner. Here’s how to do make some:
    • Combine liquid soap, lemon juice, borax and water to make a general cleaning spray
    • Combine baking soda and liquid soap for a tub-and-tile cleaner
    • Combine borax, washing soda and grated bar soap to make laundry detergent
    • For a full list of how to make any type of cleaner, check out the list here


  1. If you’re looking for new décor in your home look at house plants!
    • Not only are these aesthetically pleasing but they will also help filter the air in your home


  1. Since you’ll probably be doing a lot of laundry by washing all of your winter clothing to be placed in storage for the warmer months, be sure you do your laundry sustainable!