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Sustainability Internship Projects

Here you will find past projects completed by students in the Sustainability Internship Program. For more info on the program, click here.


Interns work on various types of projects to increase compost awareness, access, and improve the quality of our finished product.


Compost Cubbies by Rachel Stewart and Aoife Whitaker

Food Systems

Interns work on educating campus on how to reduce their impacts when it comes to food consumption, food waste, and growing food.

Green Infrastructure

Interns work on researching green infrastructure projects and how they could be implemented on campus.

Waste Reduction

Interns work on reducing waste by promoting reusable options, improving waste systems, and creating new products from waste.


Eco To-Go by Meredith DeBow and Sara Wilkes

My Tiny Trash by Jake Glass

EcoBricks by Mackenzie Hall

The Mug Project by Julia Pelot

Plastics and Recycling

Interns work on educating others on the impacts of plastics to the environment while promoting proper ways to recycle.


The Plastic Bag Initiative by Simon Jolly, Rita Arkhipenko, and Emily Weathers

Public Recycling Drop-Off Awareness by Hannah Lagoski

Microplastic Emissions from Laundry Facilities by Eli Darby and Ben Rubera

Sustainable Sororities

Interns work with sororities and their houses to improve sustainability efforts such as recycling, composting, and zero waste events.


Sustainable Sisterhood by Maggie Monaghan


A More Sustainable Sorority Village by Emma Karls and Elizabeth Burriss