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Green Events

Make your event a Green Event! We can help.

What is a Green Event?

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A green event is one that takes a holistic approach to event planning with the goal to:

  1. Reduce the total amount of resources being used including material and energy resources
  2. Encourage the reuse of resources
  3. Make sure that materials are disposed of properly through recycling or composting as much as possible.
  4. Have guests be aware of what they can do to help make UT Green

Why Should I Do This?

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Events consume a lot of energy, resources, and waste, so they are a strategic place to start to achieve the university’s broad sustainability goals. Green events are more fun and make everyone feel like environmental champions! They also help to inform the UT community easy ways they can help the university achieve our sustainability goals.


A Few Tips Before You Begin

Be realistic

  • It’s not always easy or reasonable to implement everything listed on the guide. Make sure what you want to achieve is achievable and manageable.
  • Create ideas that are the easiest for you to execute and as you move forward with the event adjust as needed
  • Remember that lots of small steps add up to one big step

Make a commitment

  • Know what you want to accomplish and how to get it done
  • Make a timeline of your event planning process, and review the guide below for how your sustainable goals can be incorporated within it

Do your research

Reach out to us

  • We want to help you through this Green Event Process. Reach out to us at with any questions you have on your event
  • If you’re ready to get started, head here to start making your event Zero Waste!