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Tree Inventory and Community Viewer

Summary: The Arboriculture Team at Facilities Services had the opportunity to enhance the University of Tennessee tree inventory database by upgrading to a cloud based tree inventory management software that will provide the University access to the tree inventory database through any web enabled devise such as tablets and smart phones. This Enterprise version of the software will also include a Community Viewer that allows the public to have read-only online access to the tree inventory database via a web browser.

Who: Sam Adams, the UT Arborist submitted the proposal, with support from Jason Cotrell, the Assistant Director for Facilities Operations

Background: The City of Knoxville has a similar program that allows users to see trees all over Knoxville. Not only does it inform the public about the importance of trees, it helps city works know when trees need maintenance, and what maintenance they need. With thousands of trees on UT Knoxville’s campus, a similar program would allow us to better understand our campus’s silviculture program.

Why is this needed?: This software upgrade will provide an opportunity for students, staff, faculty and visitors to browse the tree inventory, visit specific trees or conduct tree tours of certain areas of campus. By continuing to update the tree inventory, which consists of roughly 8200 trees valued at over $24,000,000, UT will be able to perform enhanced analysis to show how the urban forest positively affects carbon storage, air quality, stormwater capture and energy usage. These “ecological services” can be measures of the environmental health of the University of Tennessee.


1 year cloud based access (5 license), plus community viewer $3,200
Total: $3,200

Green Fee Notes: Committee voted unanimously to fund the 1 year software access. This 1-year funding will be a pilot period to see if the access cost is worth expanding to a 3 or 5 year period.