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Art/Project Display

Do you have a fun idea for an activity, art installation, or academic project that you think could be an interesting addition to the festivities of Earth Day Celebration? Then you’ve found the right page! We are looking for anything and everything!

Some examples our office is currently considering or has had in the past:


Trash cans set up like beer pongTrash Can Pong:

We are considering making a giant pong set up on the HSS lawn as a fun, competitive activity that students can play against each other. This is an idea we like because it is an activity that can be set up using equipment our office already has available. It also doesn’t require much management by volunteers or staff.

Two men in suits made completely from plastic waste, they look like monsters.

Trash Monsters:

The Trash Monster suits were a very stark reminder to our guests about the amount of plastic consumed in the span of a day. Sadly these suits had to be retired, but we would love to see something similar again at the Celebration.

two men working UTOPS mobile workshop to give free tune ups to bikes.

UTOPS Mobile Bike Workshop:

Know of a cool program such as this one on campus or in the community? Let us know, and we will reach out to them! We are always interested in workshops or programs to teach skills to our guests.