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Earth Month Highlight: River Rescue

Rivers have always played an integral part of the development of Tennessee, from the beauty to the abundant wildlife they bring to us. The Tennessee River, the river that flows right through Knoxville, has a rich history and bright future. Historians estimate that the first settlers arrived in the Tennessee River Valley 8,000 years ago. Since then, the river has become an economic force, recreation epicenter, and place of beauty for all Tennessean’s to visit. For Earth Month this year, we are partnering with the Facilities Services Stormwater Management team to clean up Second Creek, a tributary of the Tennessee River. Click here for more information on the event. Check out some fun facts and tips about the Tennessee River, and plan on coming to our fun event this Saturday, April 6th from 8am-12pm.

Tennessee River Fun Facts

  • The river has one of the most diverse groups of fish, with 320 species in the river!
  • The path of the Tennessee River makes a crescent shape
  • The river flows through Tennessee and Alabama, but has a larger watershed
  • There are many recreational opportunities on the river like swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and more!
  • The river has the most diverse group of freshwater mussels in the world!
  • The river is 352 miles long!

Tips for keeping waterways clean

  • Reduce your water use. This ensures that less water is drained from the watershed.
  • Keep water runoff minimal. When washing your car, use a bucket instead of a hose.
  • Never pour hazardous chemicals down a drain. There are many hazardous waste drop-offs around Knoxville.
  • Plant vegetation around waterways. Vegetation reduces erosion and helps filter through chemicals that may be heading to our watershed.

We hope you enjoyed a little information about the Tennessee River, and tips to help keep it clean. Happy Earth Month! This Friday wear green and check us out for Big Green Friday. There will be food, fun, and lots of school spirit! Check here to keep up with all of our events throughout April.