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January Sustainability Champion: Christy Hickman

Christy Hickman was chosen by the Committee on the Campus Environment as the January Sustainability Champion. Christy is an Assistant Professor of Practice, in the College of Social Work. She has been working at UT since 2005, and through her work she has inspired everyone around her to live more sustainable lives.

In 2013 Christy joined the College of Social Work, however she had prior roles at UT serving as an adjunct instructor, field instructor, field liaison, and as the IV-E Child Welfare Certification Program Coordinator. In addition to her work in the College of Social Work, Christy served as the Assistant Director of the Safety, Environment, and Education (S.E.E.) Center.

“Christy has been a champion of sustainability/recycling for years! She brought awareness to our College very soon after being hired in 2005. She has been actively promoting recycling awareness both at work and among family and friends for as long as I have known her. So much so that she was gifted a t-shirt with a recycling symbol on it one year! She has been known to pull things from the trash that should be recycled. This is a cause she believes in deeply and has made a difference in our College because of this. I feel she is truly deserving of this award!”

-Nominee Submittal.

Congratulations Professor Hickman!

Get to know more about Christy:

Hometown: Knoxville
Alma mater: University of Tennessee
Favorite outdoor activity: Gardening
Favorite Quote: You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.  —Jane Goodall
Favorite thing about UT: The students—I love working with them. I also love the UT Gardens.


As a monthly award, we are now accepting nominations for the February Sustainability Champion. To nominate someone click the link: February Sustainability Champion.