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December Sustainability Champion: Dr. Joanne Logan

Dr. Joanne Logan was chosen by the Committee on the Campus Environment as the December Sustainability Champion. Joanne is an Associate Professor in the Biosystems and Soil Sciences Department on the Agricultural Campus. Additionally, she is an undergraduate coordinator. Joanne has been at UT since 1987, marking over 30 years of great work for the university.

Joanne has been a major faculty leader on campus promoting sustainability for decades. She has lead alternative break trips and has been active with student groups on campus, such as SPEAK. She also has been a very valuable and important recourse for the Environmental Science major on the agricultural campus.Additionally Joanne has served on numerous environmental committees across campus in her time here at UT.

“Joanne is a beloved professor who always is kind and helpful. She leads her students to do environmental stewardship work by taking them to river clean-ups, game-day recycling projects, and trash pick-ups. She knows the importance of helping the environment, and always explains it to her students. Not only all of this, she composts at home and when she brings snacks to her student’s she composts their scraps as well!”

Nominee submittal

Congratulations Professor Logan!

Get to know more about Joanne::

Hometown: Boston, MA
Alma maters: University of Connecticut, University of Nebraska, University of Tennessee
Favorite outdoor activity: gardening
Favorite Quote: “There is no Planet B”
Favorite thing about UT: The improved walkability and bikeability of campus


As a monthly award, we are now accepting nominations for the January Sustainability Champion. To nominate someone click the link: January Sustainability Champion.