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How to Have a Sustainable Holiday Season

There is nothing like being home for the holiday season. The beautiful decorations, family, and friends make it everyone’s favorite time of the year! Read on to see how you can make your holiday celebrations as environmentally friendly as possible.

Buy less stuff!

There is pressure around the holiday season to be the best gift giver, but you don’t have to buy brand new shiny things to make a great impression!

  • Try to shop local and sustainable brands, or give an act of service instead of something store-bought.
  • Click here to read for more sustainable gift ideas!

Be mindful of your light decorations

Lights are a beautiful way to make this season special. However, the extra energy needed to provide these lights can put a strain on our utilities.

  • Try and use LED holiday lights, as they use 95% less energy than traditional holiday lights!
  • Put your lights on a timer so they are only on when they need to be, and off during the day

Find alternatives to wrapping paper

It is estimated that Americans spend over $7 billion on wrapping paper every year, with the majority of that happening during the holiday season.

  • If you are wrapping gifts this year, try and reuse things you already have around the house. If you need more inspiration for what to use, click here.
  • Another way to save paper this holiday season is to send your holiday cards via email rather than in paper though the mail

Make your table Environmentally-Friendly

There are many ways to make your dining room table sustainable, beautiful, and full of great food

  • When you are hosting your holiday events, make sure to use reusable dishwater! It may seem easier to toss paper plates out after use, but preventing items from hitting the landfill is as easy as washing dishes!
  • Try and incorporate more plant based dishes into your holiday meal, and buy local and organic foods whenever possible
  • Use natural items to decorate your table, such as extra clippings from your tree or in-season produce

Have the best holiday season and enjoy time with those dear to you. With these tips we can all give the gift of the earth to future generations! Happy Holidays from the Office of Sustainability!